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Self storage

We already have your self-storage buyer!

Jonathan Commercial Properties is working with multiple self-storage buyers that are actively seeking to purchase facilities across the country. Our objective is to provide owners of self-storage properties with a simple and seamless sale process and help them net the highest possible profit from the sale of their property.  The buyers we represent are regional and national and have allocated funds for the acquisition of self-storage properties, so they are serious, ready, willing and able buyers and financing is never an issue.  These buyers are prepared to pay fair market value for qualified deals in their target markets.

Jonathan and Don are responsible for sourcing transactions throughout the Eastern half of the United States. If you are considering a sale, give us a call.

Jonathan and Don will coordinate with you to discuss your goals and determine if your property meets the buyer’s investment criteria.  Our buyers do all of their own streamlined financial underwriting and due diligence, so your financials stay between you, us and the buyer.  We will provide a free market analysis valuation that you can keep, even if no deal if finalized.  We will assemble the final information package and handle presenting your property to the appropriate buyer in a cooperative and transparent process.

Usually within three weeks we will have an offer for you to consider.  You will have one point of contact throughout the process with the goal of making the process as seamless and stress free as possible, from document submission to inspection scheduling to closing.  Closings are quick once the due diligence is completed and best of all, there are no listing agreements, or fees or commissions paid by you as the seller.

Are you a builder or developer but don’t have the expertise, patience or financial desire to handle the long term lease up of your self-storage project?  We have buyers that are interested in the purchase of self-storage properties once they reach certificate of occupancy. Call us to find out more about this option.